Urine Color

Dog Urine Color – Why is My Dog’s Urine Yellow or Brown/Yellow/Red/Orange? Ever see the color of your dog’s urine change? Wondering why your dog has blood and/or brown color in his or her urine? Keeping an eye on what goes in and out of your dog is important to their health! Just as we unconsciously keep mental notes of what our urine looks like, we should do the same for our dogs. Dark urine or blood in your dog’s urine could be a serious health issue that you may need to address immediately with your veterinarian. To start, you should take several close looks at your dog’s urine. What is the color? Is it clear, light yellow, bright yellow, dark yellow, brown, orange, or a reddish-pink? Each color has its own indications. You don’t want to jump the gun though if your dog only had one episode of atypically colored urine. For example, one episode of dark yellow or clear urine may mean nothing serious at all. It may just mean that your dog hasn’t had anything to drink in a few hours or he/she had too much water in a little amount of time, similar to humans. After an active session of fetch our Pomeranian tends to drink too much water. The next few times he goes to the bathroom his urine will be clear. This is a perfect example that a few uncommon movements is nothing to fret over. We recommend examining your dog’s urine color over the course of a few days before worrying. Dog Urine Color Warning Level Action to Take Clear/Light Yellow 1/5 Keep an eye on the color to ensure it varies between clear and light yellow. If it does not, contact your veterinarian. Bright/Dark Yellow 3/5 Ensure your dog drinks water, if color returns to normal, no further action is necessary. If your dog refuses to drink, seek professional advice. Brown/Orange/Reddish-Pink 4/5 Potentially stress induced, but professional aid is advised. Clear/Light Yellow Dog Urine Color

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