Dehydrated Liver Treats

Dehydrated Liver Treats

Homemade dehydrated liver treats [jerky] are the safest, most nutritious and cost effective treats.

Liver is a superfood containing 10X-100X the nutrients of muscle meat.

There is a popular misconception that only ridiculously expensive organic, grass fed liver should be bought because the liver is the organ that filters out toxins. While it’s true that the kidneys and liver do the filtering, the organ doesn’t accumulate the toxins... studies have shown that toxins accumulate in muscle meat and fatty tissue, not the liver.

Most people don't know that you can use your oven as a great, large capacity dehydrator... here is how much of a no-brainer it is to make the best superfood treat:

1) Buy a large baking rack [cookie cooling rack] or two... Walmart sells large ones with removable side panels for around $8.

2) Cover the baking rack completely with thinly sliced beef liver [NO foil] and put the baking rack on an oven rack in the oven at 175F-200F... I make several racks at the same time.

3) After one hour, unstick the liver from the baking rack and put back in the oven for another 6-8 hrs... that’s it, that’s all! I do it overnight and in the morning it's all ready.

4) NEVER place the liver on a cookie sheet, parchment paper, aluminum foil or a pan because the hot air MUST circulate under and over the liver.

5) Dehydrated liver will keep forever in a ziplock bag but you’ll never have that problem... Fluffy and Fido will want to eat them all in the same day!

6) Because liver is loaded and so dense in nutrients, feed in moderation and don’t feed too much daily.

7) The photo below is what the dehydrated liver will look like.

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