Can I give My Dog a Cold?

Can I Give My Dog a Cold?

Just like us humans, a dog will catch a nasty cold when their immune system isn’t working well. A pet’s susceptibility is the primary factor, despite the offending infectious germs.

If your dog is vulnerable, and they’re exposed to the virus, a common cold can invade. Canines catch it too, but not from people! Clearing up the confusion, it isn’t communicable between the species.

Hopefully, that will put to rest any concerns about transferring a contagious cold to your best buddy. Transmission from humans to dogs is virtually unheard of. It doesn’t happen.

The spread of infectious diseases, from humans to pets, is virtually impossible.

If your dog has a cold, get 100% natural Vet RX. It will greatly improve their congestion-related respiratory function. In any case, don’t worry about giving your dog a cold. Bacteria, viruses and organisms that thrive in your body will not survive in a dog’s system. Rest assured, the common cold isn’t communicable in these scenarios.

What about the Reverse

Your dog can be near you even if you’re sick with a cold. Can the same be said if the situation is reversed? Can a pet transfer the disease to you? The answer is also no.

Cold viruses are completely different in humans and dogs. There’s no way this sickness can be transferred, from a master to his or her best friend, and vice-versa. Don’t worry.

Assessing a Canine Cold

The common cold manifests similarly for dogs, but there’s one big difference. A precious pet can’t detail their upper respiratory tract troubles. They could be struggling and breathing may be more difficult.

A runny nose is expected, but a yellowish or greenish nose mucous discharge doesn’t necessarily indicate infection. You should instead be concerned with symptoms of general weakness and fever.

If your dog has a cold, take their temperature with a quality pet thermometer. Sneezing, cough and loss of appetite aren’t typically as concerning unless they linger on for days.

Treating Your Dog’s Cold

Although a common cold isn’t life threatening, complications can be serious. If you have reason to believe the illness is worsening, seek consultation from a veterinary professional.

You don’t want your dog getting pneumonia. That’s why veterinarians often prescribe antibiotics just in case. A high dose of vitamin C may also be given to boost the immune system.

Keep your furry friend warm and dry. Limit their time outside, especially if the weather is cold. The bronchial tube constricts in frigid environments, making it harder to breathe.

Hydration is So Important

Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water if they’ve come down with a cold. Well-hydrated hounds will have some symptom relief.

Sometimes the use of Pedialyte is warranted. The electrolytes will keep a balance of moisture inside your dog’s system during this difficult time.

Conclusion on Common Cold

Dogs and their masters cannot catch the common cold from one another. The virus has a no communicable nature in these situations. Don’t worry about giving your pet dog a cold. Germs in a human body cannot adapt to a dog and vice versa. Despite your cold, you can snuggle up with Fido!


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